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What is Sustainability?

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Posted on Tuesday, November 10, 2015
By: J.P. Mascaro
Categories: Recycling

You hear it all the time, “Live more sustainably!” and “Save the environment!” What do they all really mean?

Sustainability is considered to be the healthy & productive maintenance of something; the capacity to endure (indefinitely). We’re depleting resources on a daily basis – from nature, to energy and water. Sustainability serves up the goal of reducing our wasteful tendencies, buying life’s essentials less often and saving money!

Consider your daily throwaways. You grab a disposable water bottle on the way to the gym, take an extra long shower post workout and leave the lights on in a dash out the door. Wastefulness has become a part of our routine, but taking some simple steps towards a more conscious lifestyle can lead to an incredibly brighter future for everyone around you.

You’ll save cash, reduce weekly trash and live better.

1. Use Less Energy

Clean the lint dryer out to keep the dryer running efficiently, and set your dishwasher on economy mode, just rinse your dishes first! You don’t have to make dramatic changes to reduce your energy consumption; make conscious decisions to minimize your waste & electricity usage.

One major perk for you, this lifestyle change is one of the easiest ways to decrease your monthly home costs. Don’t forget to always opt for energy efficient windows, appliances, and materials when making home improvements.

2. Grow Your Own Food

Fresh picked fruits and vegetables are unrivaled by anything your find in your local grocery store but it’s a habit that’s been neglected by a number of fearful produce consumers. The days/weeks/months your market produce wastes in transit dramatically reduces the number of vitamins, nutrients, and moisture your foods retain. Some foods will lose flavor, some are covered in unknown pesticides. Avoid it altogether by becoming your own grower of produce – it’s not as challenging as you may think!

Start a diverse garden. These crops are perfect for beginners and offer a full fridge of food –


  • Green beans
  • Salad greens
  • Peppers
  • Strawberries
  • Tomatoes
  • Zucchini
  • Potatoes


3. Avoid plastic whenever possible

Why you ask? It’s not a renewable resource, meaning it’s not constantly (or sustainably) replenished. It’s terrible for its surroundings, and it’s not the healthiest for us either. Use less plastic every day!

Considering buying produce without the plastic produce bags, detergent from a box rather than a bottle. Cloth shopping bags will earn you a discount in some supermarkets; keep them somewhere handy! Skip the bottled water and opt for a glass water bottle. They may cost you more money than plastic, but they’ll last longer, look better, and keep you healthier.

The resources we have today make environmental sustainability a practical and easy option, it doesn’t mean a life without luxuries! Sustainability will lead to a brighter, less wasteful future. Reduce your energy & consumption, save money, and feel better with simple adjustments to your daily life.

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