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J. P. Mascaro & Sons Corporate Headquarters

When J.P. Mascaro & Sons outgrew its Harleysville, PA corporate headquarters in 2006, we needed a new home that would both favorably embody our strong infrastructure and capture our distinctive character.  The search took us back to the company’s early roots in Audubon, Pa.  Now housed in a 95,000 sq. ft. facility that sits adjacent to route 422 in Lower Providence Township, we found the perfect centralized location to successfully control our 22 operating divisions.  This building is more than just a structure to the Mascaro family.  It’s a testament to the uniqueness of our company.  As one of the largest privately owned solid waste businesses in the country, our number one priority is those we service.  We knew the only way to continually guarantee the top-notch service we are known for was to become a fully integrated operation. Our headquarters is the home to our self-sufficient corporate departments including environmental compliance, legal, sales, marketing, accounting, purchasing, information technology, risk management, communications, transportation, engineering, human resources, and customer service. 

While we are a leader in the solid waste industry, we stay true to our original roots and values. In our line of work, it’s common to see companies continually changing their name and personnel.  This is because our competitors make decisions based on the needs of investors, whereas, at J.P. Mascaro & Sons, we make decisions based on what is best for our customers.  This is evident by our over 50 year history of commitment, superior management, dedicated employees, reliable machinery and exceptional customer service.  We are a family run organization with arguably more cutting-edge facilities, resources and capabilities than any other waste removal establishment; yet, unlike other businesses of our size, we are personally there for the people and communities we serve.  We welcome the public into our headquarters.  We are a company where if there is an issue, you have the ability to walk through the doors and speak directly to our President. When you phone our corporate office, your call is answered by a person, not an automated recording.  Our family takes care of your family and your family’s future.  We happily invite you into our home; a symbol of who we are.   


2650 Audubon Road Office Features 

The Mascaro Lobby

The office features a welcoming rustic lobby showcasing a hand painted mural depicting the heritage of our founders Joseph P. and Ida E. Mascaro.

The Media Room

This distinct space is one of a kind.   The media center is set up to  entertain substantial size groups and to host various events.  Everyone from Santa to high powered business groups have benefited from this extraordinary room.  We charitably offer this room at no charge for community use. 

The Mascaro Legacy Room

Whether you are an employee, a customer or merely a visitor, you can't help but feel the personality and history of J. P. Mascaro & Sons when you step into the legacy room.  Here you will find the backstory of our company's very first commercial account, view the original logo, and witness a movie reel chronicling the years that led us to this point.  The Legacy Room serves as a reminder of our roots.  It sends the message that, no matter how big we get, it is remembering where we came from that is important and pushes us to continue to be the upstanding and hard working company we've always been. 

The Sales War Room

The sales department occupies its own private space within the office to collaborate.  Here they brainstorm the various waste and recycling solutions to best meet each customer's specialized needs. 

Property and Resource Management

The office has a separate area for our real estate entity M.B. Investments.  M.B. Investments manages over 300 residential homes and commercial properties and over 7,000 acres of land.

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