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Flexible Plastic Packaging Curbside Collection in select municipalities

Put Flexible Plastics in Your Curbside Cart. Recycling is Easier than Ever!
By upgrading our equipment we are able to accept a wider range of materials. 
Flexible plastic packaging may now be placed in your recycling bins. 

What is Flexible Packaging?
Flexible packaging is made up of bags, envelopes, pouches, sachets, wraps, etc., made of easily yielding materials such as film, foil, or paper sheeting which, when filled and sealed, acquires pliable shape.
Recycle Flexible Plastic Packaging in Your Recycling Container
Flexible plastic is the second largest packaging material in the United States.  It is lightweight and made from plastic film and very thin layers of additional materials such as metal. Residents may now place it in curbside recycling carts.

By properly recycling and adding flexible packaging materials you are helping to protect the environment!
It increases waste diversion from landfills and reduces litter, as well as supports the local economy and jobs.

Please make sure these items are empty, clean and dry before placing in the curbside container. 

Grocery Bags, Retail Bags, Pet Treat Pouches, Detergent Pouches, Case Wrap, Shrink Film, Food Storage Bags, Snack Food Pouches, Salad Bags, Wipes Pouches, Candy Pouches, Baby Food Pouches, Bread Bags, Diaper Wrap Packaging (No Diapers New or Used), Air Pillows, Bubble Wrap, Pet Food Bags,Cereal Bags, Paper Towel Overwrap, Chip Bags, Meat Bags, Cheese Bags and Drink Pouches.


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