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Your Trash: From Curbside to Landfill

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Posted on Tuesday, October 6, 2015
By: J.P. Mascaro & Sons
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It’s easy to forget about your waste once it’s dropped down the discreetly designed garbage pale. You probably don’t think twice as you throw away your uneaten food, wrappers, cups, utensils, and paper napkins when eating out.  Each week, garbage companies pick up the contents of your family’s waste and haul it away. Over 71 million tons of paper annually, over 43,000 tons of food daily, and over 2.5 million plastic bottles hourly - that’s a lot of garbage! Have you ever wondered what happens to it once it leaves your curb?


Luckily, some of this waste gets recycled or recovered. Americans are working hard to increase the amount of materials recycled or composted, but as our population increases so do our landfill sites.  Trash buried in landfills has doubled since the 1960’s!


Each day, Earth-conscious garbage disposal companies fill environmentally safe disposal sites with your tossed out goods, lining landfills with double synthetic liners paired with environmental monitoring systems to ensure the ground soil is protected. Some companies use a pressure cooker like machine to “cook” the garbage in order to reduce the amount of solid waste. But in the end, the trash is compressed slowly and soil is added to the top, voila a new piece of land.


It’s important to remember; landfills aren’t designed to break down your trash, merely to bury it. Think twice about what you’re contributing! Follow these simple steps to minimize your part of the 251 million tons of trash Americans generate annually.


1. Recycle whenever possible

        There’s no need to throw items like glass, paper/cardboard, and certain plastics in the trash (check with your local facility).  Toss them in recyclable bins instead!


2. Reuse

        Be a smarter shopper by purchasing re-usable items. Quit opting for disposable goods; think twice about unnecessary throwaways like plastic baggies, brown bags, grocery bags and packaged items. Bring your own reusable bags with you to the supermarket to put your goodies in. 


3. Donate

        Upgrading your personal items feels good, but don’t throw away things that someone else can use! You can make a real difference in someone’s life by donating items you’d typically put in the trash.



Technology continues to advance our recycling capabilities and, as the environmentally conscious mentality grows in popularity, so does our ability to make a difference. As you place your garbage bins curbside this week, remind yourself of its final destination – every decision counts!


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