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J.P. Mascaro, Sr.

The motto of our founder J. P. Mascaro, Sr. is: “ If it’s service, it’s us! ” This has been the guiding principle of our organization for over 50 years. The customer is the most important person in our business. Our existence is dependent upon them. We cannot meet the goals of our company if we do not satisfy our customer’s needs first.

Our business mission is to provide our customers the highest level of service within our industry. This must be done in an efficient and cost effective manner in strict accordance with governing laws and regulations.

In order to accomplish our mission, we must employ a plan. This plan must be managed, evaluated, and adjusted accordingly. There exists three principal ingredients of our business equation. They consist of superior management, excellent personnel and reliable machinery. We can attain our goals only if all three of these assets work in synchronization with each other. Two out of three does not equal success.

The employees are our greatest asset. They must be united and cohesive as a work force. To accomplish this goal, we must select properly the members of our team. They must be oriented with our expectations. They must be trained as necessary and given the proper tools to do their job. They must be supervised consistently and fairly. They must receive recognition when due and disciplined when needed. A company that fails to differentiate quality work from inferior work cannot succeed. Our company will focus first on servicing our customers, second on preserving our assets of people, machinery and equipment. This will all be done safely and productively in accordance with governing laws and the company’s goals. Adherence to the above will assure a satisfied customer base and a financially strong company over the long term.

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