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Great Valley Recycle Transfer Station (Bridgeport)


Local: 610.272.7100
Toll Free: 800.432.1616


15 Route 202 Bypass North
Bridgeport, PA 19405

Hours of operation:

Mon - Sat: 5am - 6pm

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Our Transfer Stations allow us to regulate waste before it is moved to its final destination.  This minimizes cost and environmental impact.  The GVR transfer station, located in Bridgeport Borough, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, was first permitted in 1988 by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. It is a municipal waste facility authorized to receive up to 600 tons of municipal waste per day.

Collection vehicles deliver and deposit their loads on a tipping floor. The waste is pushed by loaders and either baled or loaded into open-top trailers for delivery to disposal sites. The scale is operated by a certified scale master. A General Manager and an Operation Manager oversee the operation and a Compliance Specialist ensures compliance with the permit conditions. The facility processes thousands of tons of household and commercial recyclables which ­­are transported to third parties for end use. All facility and transportation equipment is maintained by on-site expert personnel.

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